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 Workers Lifestyle Group CEO, Morgan Stewart, presents information about the  new over 55’s development, Parkside Lifestyle Community. Workers Lifestyle Group CEO, Morgan Stewart, presents information about the new over 55’s development, Parkside Lifestyle Community. Featured
08 December 2022 Posted by 


Demand for senior living solutions answered
EVER since the new development was announced earlier this year, the response and anticipation of Parkside Lifestyle Community has been unprecedented.
Blacktown’s desire for a senior living solution has been answered and reflected with a surging wave of local interest in the project.
If the consistently flowing stream of registrations are any indication, the engagement levels for the official launch of the Workers Lifestyle Group’s visionary retirement community are hugely encouraging.
Every bit of this attention and energy was confirmed with the first Parkside Information Sessions held on November 23 at Blacktown Workers Club. They proved to be so popular that extra sessions were added to accommodate those wanting to attend.
Workers Lifestyle Group CEO, Morgan Stewart, was delighted when he finally introduced the project to a collective audience of over 500 excited members and locals.
“From the group’s initial vision for what was to become Parkside, it’s been an amazing seven-year journey to our green light, back in June. So, we’re absolutely over the moon to see so many people keen to hear more at Parkside’s first information session,” he said.
A group of expert guest speakers delivered information about what future residents can expect at Parkside Lifestyle Community as well as insights about the benefits of this style of living and some of the financial differences to regular home ownership.
With information about what will be available in both the apartments and the amazing amenities that residents will be able to enjoy, the level of enthusiasm that the attending parties shared was palpable. 
Particularly with a short lead up to Parkside’s highly anticipated Sales Launch, set for next February/March.
Site works are set to commence in early 2023 with the first stage of 94 independent living units due for completion in December 2024. Further stages will take the total community to 480 units plus a 160-bed residential aged care facility.
The door that will open to the residents’ footbridge connecting Parkside Lifestyle Community to the Group’s Workers Sports Club on Reservoir Road has been installed at the club, creating even more excitement about what’s to come.
For those who want to learn more about Parkside Lifestyle Community, expressions of interest can be made through the website, www.ParksideLifestyle.com.au

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