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21 January 2023 Posted by 


Council seeking comment on suburb's future
INGLEBURN residents have the chance to  play a part in their suburb’s future through Campbelltown Council.
Council is seeking public comment on a Planning Proposal, draft Development Control Plan and associated documents for Ingleburn CBD.
The primary objective of the Planning Proposal is to amend the Campbelltown Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2015 to implement part of the Ingleburn Precinct Plan in the Glenfield to Macarthur Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy.
The amendment will achieve the following to facilitate the Ingleburn Precinct Plan:
  • Increased building heights.
  • Increased density of development (commercial and residential).
  • Improved flood evacuation routes.
  • Increased public open space.
  • Improved car parking provision.
  • Improved pedestrian access and mobility.
In relation to this Planning Proposal, Council has not been authorised to act as the local plan-making authority.
The Planning Proposal, draft Development Control Plan and supporting documentation will be on public exhibition and available to view until Friday  February 17 at the following locations:
During business hours at Council’s Administration Centre at 91 Queen Street, Campbelltown.
During business hours at Greg Percival Library, corner of Oxford and Cumberland Roads, Ingleburn.
Under the documents section on the right hand side of this page
NSW Planning Portal by typing ‘PP-2022-3712’ into the search bar at the following link: https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/ppr

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