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01 May 2024 Posted by 


A NEW Automated External Defibrillator (AED) has been installed at Saint Paul’s Anglican Church, Cobbitty.
The AED was generously donated by Graeme Chivers from Wave Learning and is publicly available to anyone needing emergency CRP or someone who has had a sudden cardiac arrest.
Sally Quinnell MP presented the AED to the church warden Raôul Corry on April 18, 2024 and commended the new AED as a critical device available to anyone who needs it.
“The installation of this new AED marks another step forward in our community's efforts to prioritize health and safety. It's a practical measure that underscores our commitment to ensuring rapid response to cardiac emergencies.”
“AED’s are crucial lifesaving devices that can be used by anyone who needs it. It is vital to ensure public access to AEDs, because no one knows when they might need one.”

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