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26 February 2023 Posted by 

Australian Botanical Gardens echo the sounds of walking fans

THE Australian Botanical Gardens at Mount Annan will echo to the sounds of the region’s legions of walking fans on Sunday, March 12.
The big event is the annual Campbelltown City Challenge Walk and you can choose to chase the clock or take a leisurely stroll at the early morning walk.
You can enter as an individual or create a team with friends, family, workmates or gym buddies to take on either the 6km or 11km tracks. The track is a mixture of hilly and flat paths.
A fresh new element will feature at the event this year where participants have the option to be blasted with vibrant colors along a section of the course.
Don’t worry, if you’re not a fan of color or don’t want a color burst – the color station is completely optional. 
But, remember to bring your goggles or wear glasses if you are planning to enter the color burst.
Last year’s walk was won by David Zailac in 37.10 minutes. Sambar Brown was  a close second at 37.30.
Details on how to register for this fun event are on the website: 

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