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Chairperson of Wests Group Macarthur Alan Buxton . Chairperson of Wests Group Macarthur Alan Buxton .
05 February 2023 Posted by 

Wests Group announces major MFA sponsorship for 2023 season

WESTS Group Macarthur has announced key milestone in their support of sport in Macarthur with the signing of a major partnership agreement with Macarthur Football Association (MFA) for the 2023 season making them the premier partner of football in Macarthur.
The new deal will see Wests provide $100,000 in funding, plus additional in-kind and venue support, toward MFA. The deal makes them the single largest supporter of football in the region.
In addition to a significant investment towards subsidised player insurance fees to alleviate fee pressure on families, Wests has added Macarthur RAMS Women’s FC to its ongoing support of Macarthur Rams FC and be the new major partner of the M-League Competition.
The local M-League Competition will kick off from Friday, March 17, and is copmpsised of four Leagues and 600 players across the U21 Colts, Men’s First and Reserve Grades, and Women’s First Grade.
The Men’s Competition will feature eight clubs right across the Macarthur regions while the women’s M-League will see six clubs from Macarthur and six clubs from the SDSFA.
Chairperson of the Macarthur Football Association Darcy Lound said: "Despite an interrupted period due to the global pandemic, the M-League Competition has continued to thrive, and in 2023 it will only get better as we welcome Wests Group Macarthur as the new sponsor of the M-League competition. This partnership with Wests Group Macarthur ensures the MFA can continue to provide significant value to the M-League community."
Chairperson of Wests Group Macarthur Alan Buxton said of the sponsorship: “Wests has been a long supporter of Football in Macarthur with over 10 years of partnership with MFA. We are thrilled to be able to support further pathways, stronger competitions, and better opportunities for players and their families from Under 9’s all the way through to the local Premier League competition.”
In addition to direct funding, Wests will be providing dining vouchers for M-League ‘Match Moment’ players of the round and be the preferred venue and events partner of the MFA and member clubs in 2023 with many key events to take place at Wests League Club including the 2023 Premiers Presentation, M-League Awards Night, and end-of-season events.
The partnership was officially launched on January 30 at Lynwood Park with Wests Group Macarthur Chairperson Alan Buxton and Director Greg Copeland joined by representatives from each of the M-League teams and key members of Macarthur Football Association.
For more on the Wests Sports Council and Wests Group commitment to being the Home of Sport visit www.westslc.com.au/Sport

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