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16 July 2023 Posted by 

Greater support for refugees and migrants in Macarthur

MACARHUR’S refugees, migrants and diverse communities will benefit from greater support with the NSW Government and the Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre after opening a new support location in the region.
The Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre plays a crucial role in the settlement and integration of refugees and humanitarian migrants by offering vital resources, guidance and a strong support network to those who are rebuilding their lives.
From settlement support and employment programs to youth programs and aged services, the  Resource Centre assists in addressing the multifaceted needs of refugees and migrants.
Before expanding to Campbelltown, the Centre provided community outreach and support to new, established and emerging communities in the Liverpool region.
Minister for Multiculturalism Steve Kamper attended the event, announcing the winners of a community competition to name the centre’s two new community rooms.
“The NSW Government has a strong and proud history of working collaboratively with the Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre,” Minister Kamper said.
“This partnership has been a vital relationship over many years, most recently it was instrumental in providing support services to the Liverpool region’s diverse communities during COVID-19.”
“The centre is a shining example of how local communities are best placed to find local solutions.”
Western Sydney MRC Acting CEO Mohan Gunasekara said: “Our expansion into Campbelltown is a direct recognition of the growing need for supports and services in the Macarthur region."

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