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Cathie and Sapphyre. Cathie and Sapphyre.
19 August 2023 Posted by 

Sapphyre and her life-changing therapy

BORN with Down Syndrome, Sapphyre has grown into a bubbly two-and-a-half-year-old exuding confidence in activities most children love to do.
“She is a beautiful girl who loves riding her trike and car, and playing with her dolls, feeding, and putting them to bed,” her mum, Cathie proudly says.
Sapphyre is among successful NDIS participants receiving treatments with physiotherapist Melanie at Southwest Wellness Centre where she started even before she could walk.
She has worked with Melanie on her physical strength and development doing a range of activities such as trampoline, climbing the stairs, basketball, soccer, balance bean and soft play climbing.
“Sapphyre’s favourite activity is the stairs and running through the gym,” Cathie says.
“Sapphyre’s biggest achievement is her confidence on the stairs and the strength in her legs compared to similar children.
“Sapphyre seems to be going leaps and bounds ahead of other children”. 
Melanie says, "It has been great to see Sapphyre continue to develop and meet each and every goal we set for her. 
“Sapphyre is proof that a diagnosis does not always reflect what a child can be capable of." 
Melanie loves working with children and has a focus on working with kids within the centre.
Cathie says Sapphyre and Melanie both enjoy each other’s company during sessions.
Although some sessions proved challenging, Cathie says, “Mel adapts to what Sapphyre would like to do each time.”
“They have good relationship, it’s fun, most of the time it’s play but there is purpose behind each activity.”
Having seen amazing improvements from Sapphyre’s physio program at the Southwest Wellness Centre, Cathie urges other parents of children with Down Syndrome to give it a go.
“Do it, it can’t hurt, only helps,” Cathie says.

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