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08 March 2023 Posted by 


Council picking up the pieces
WHEN major floods caused havoc in the Camden Council district last year, they washed away vital bridges which linked communities to the outside world.
The series of freak floods hit the region’s bridges hard and washed away giant sections of riverbank and weakening structures.
And when the headlines inevitably die down and the national media moves on, local public organisations like Camden Council and Wollondilly Shire Council are left to pick up the pieces.
Cobbitty Bridge on the boundary between the two councils was closed indefinitely while the councils worked out a plan to replace the washed-out section.
A major area of embankment on the Camden side of the bridge was part of a landslip into the river on , July 22, resulting in a large area of road collapsing, closing the link for months.
The good news is Cobbitty Bridge  finally opened again at the end of February.
Work continues on the badly damaged Macquarie Grove bridge which is open to a single lane of traffic.
Little Sandy Bridge is a pedestrian and cycle link, with damage to the Elderslie side of the bridge worsening with each flood event, with the most recent flood on October 8.
Work continues at the bridge which forms a key part of the Nepean Cycleway, linking Camden and Elderslie.

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